Sixto E. Rivera

Exodus 20:11: For Six days God created the Seas, the Planet Earth, the Heavens, and everything that dwells in them. He rested on the Blessed seventh day.


Fondly known as Tito Estong or Itay, Sixto Enriquez Rivera the son of Pedro and Mercedes was born the Gregorian year 1946 on August 6th and was conceived 9 months before that. 


Before OFWs (Overseas Filipin@ Workers) made It to the Middle East in the Gazilions, Sixto galloped from Lucena to America as a Dreamy Accountant, where he encountered a Nurse named Virginia in an Elevator in New York City. Although he didn't speak English much, but resembled Victor Wood, his Tagalog Curiosity matched her Ilocana Virtues. They would later marry, settle, and live the Suburban life Upstate in Spring Valley, New York in Rockland County in the Town of Ramapo, whose Twin City is Beit Shemesh.


He fed himself Breakfast, then soon, immediately, right after his daughter Mercedes (Mercy) gently said to "sleep" in his language, as if peering into Mother's eyes, Sixto Smiled and listened. Daddy was Peacefully gathered to his People on the Mourning of the Gregorian year 2020 on February 5th Wednesday at Roman Catholic Good Samaritan Hospital from complications of Diabetes, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and two Strokes. Also, his Teeth were missing, his Eyes were weak, he was hard of hearing, he used a Wheelchair, and Walker, by the time he reached 73 years of Age. Cures are forthcoming because just as Jesus Christ the Leprous Son of God was lifted up on the Cross as the Bronze Serpent to absorb Mankind's Sins ~ from Generation to Generation ~ Dad obliged Him.


Mr. Rivera is predeceased by two Canines: A Black Mut named Black Pearl and a White Maltese named Rain; a Brown Spotted Shih Tzu named Cocoa roams the streets Somewhere on Is That An Island.


Sixto Enriquez Rivera Left Behind his Sisters Olivia R. Aldovino and Socorro R. Robles, his Wife Virginia Millano Evangelista Fabro~Rivera, their son Clifford Fabro Rivera, their son~in~law Anthony Hamid Khan, and their grandson Phoenix Micah Khan, as well as their daughter Mercedes (Mercy) Millano Evangelista Fabro Rivera~Khan, whom he Blessed many, many times for eternity and beyond,,,


With the Assistance of Reynaldo Correa, Sixto Enriquez Rivera accepted the Anointed {Maraming Salamat to Rafael Isidro Ramos for your Care.}. He did really, really love the Universal Church Body and always,,, Raise a Cup of Wine, chew on some Raisins, or eat Grapes in Sixto's Memory, and Never Forget the Monay and Pulutan. Mabuhay!